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Login in here to access the Air Alert vertical jump program and start your training. We guarantee that you will jump 8 to 14 inches higher and run .2 to .4 seconds faster in the 40 yard dash. You will become an all-around, better ball player.

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TMT Sports
4242 Windemere Lane
Charlotte, NC 28211


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About TMT Sports

TMT Sports was founded in February, 1991 by Timur Tukel and operates out of Charlotte, NC. TMT Sports produces 2 basketball products designed to greatly improve a player's playing ability.

Air Alert: The Complete Vertical Jump Program was first published in September, 1991 and continues to be the number 1 program used in the game.

Court Controller heads up dribbling mask was first released in 2003. We just re-released the mask on April 1.